The Department of Tourism and Culture developed the Yukon Sustainable Tourism Dashboard as part of a commitment to measure and monitor the impacts of tourism in the Yukon. 

The dashboard makes tourism-related data and information available to help:
•    establish priorities;
•    make informed decisions and investments; and
•    understand more about how to amplify the positive benefits of tourism for communities, cultures, economies and environments and address and mitigate any negative impacts.

The dashboard enables users to view, download and share data.


In 2018, we published the Yukon Tourism Development Strategy. The strategy lays out a 10-year vision for tourism to be a vibrant and sustainable component of the Yukon’s economy and society for the benefit of future generations. 

During public engagement on the strategy, Yukoners tasked us with creating a framework that measures and monitors the impacts of tourism. The framework aligns Yukoner’s values and global best practices in sustainable tourism monitoring. In addition, we became a member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization’s International Network of Sustainable Tourism Observatories (INSTO) in May 2022 to get support with and guidance on implementing the framework.

The framework includes a set of 17 key tourism elements that we’ll measure and report on annually.

Monitoring and reporting will provide the tourism sector with knowledge on the state of sustainability within the industry over time.

This knowledge will help the sector prioritize Yukon Tourism Development Strategy actions and identify other actions that may need to be taken. 

Data sources

We have curated this data from a variety of sources to tell the story of sustainable tourism in the Yukon. You’ll see specific data sources along with each graph. 

Data sources include:

  • Government of Yukon departments (Highways and Public Works and Tourism and Culture);
  • Yukon Bureau of Statistics;
  • Statistics Canada;
  • non-government organizations like Sport Yukon; and
  • private businesses like CBRE and AirDNA.
Sustainable tourism dashboard
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